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Ok, so as a professional photographer I am always taking photos... however, every once in a while I actually leave my house without my Nikons and just my phone.... *gasp!*  But as an artist, often times when I just want to capture a moment or environment immediately... I just can't help it, its who I am.  So phone photos are taken, it happens.  I want to see yours!  What are you capturing with your phone?  Here is a little contest for March, the rules of the game are below:

1. Post your favorite artistic and inspirational mobile phone pictures to my Facebook Fanpage wall by the end of the March.

2. Tweet this contest or shout it out on facebook by tagging me (@kimberlymufferi on twitter, @Kimberly Mufferi Photography on FB) with a link to this blog post.

3. By April 5, 2011, I will have selected the best images and placed them in a photo album on my Facebook fanpage.

4. Have your family and friends vote for your image by clicking the “like” button on your photo IN THE ALBUM. (“likes” clicked on images that are on my wall, will not count.)

5. The person with the most “likes” by April 10th WINS! And the prize?... I will have your mobile phone picture custom printed by a professional lab and mailed directly to your door. (The winner will need to email me their high-res image.)

Happy Playing!  

* You do not need to be a professional photographer, or have a smartphone, or be a certain age.  Everyone is encouraged to share!

I look forward to seeing your images!  Here are a few from my iphone:

 Kluge Vineyard Sunset November 2010

Fern - Hiking in Charlottesville

Hiking in Charlottesville, VA

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