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Today I have a photo featured on Feature Shoot's Group Show: Photos of Tourists Attractions...  So needless say, this makes me happy, and I wanted to share it with my you all... cause you are my peeps ;)

And because everyone loves travel photos!  I mean that is why we travel right?  To take photos of ourselves doing amazing things and going remote places?  And then instagramming and facebooking it ASAP?  Ha!  Seriously though, I love to travel, and below is the tiniest drop of some of the photos I have from my travels.  More of these to come later.  Traveling is essential to my life, my sanity, and my passion.  Why do you travel?

 “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

Brooklyn Bridge and NYC Skyline  - Brooklyn, NY - Umm, so this is not really a travel photo, since I live here, but I FELT like a tourist while shooting this.  Does that count?

And this is the one in the Feature Shoot Group Show: Photos of Tourists Attractions
Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming
Travel Photographer

Location: Worldwide

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