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I am super excited to share with you an organization that I support, and will be working with in the future...


100CAMERAS. Empowers marginalized children to document their lives through photography and to create positive change in their own communities. Their photos are sold online and at events, and 100% of the money from the children's purchased prints is used to meet physical needs and build sustainable growth within their community. All money earned from the sale of the children’s photography is used to provide lifeline supplies, educational resources, healthcare. 100CAMERAS provides art education, increases awareness, and raises funds, giving children across the world an opportunity to create positive change for their own future. 

Please take a look at the video and the photos below.  I think you will see why I am super excited about this organization.

See some of my favorite photos below too!

This photo is the best seller! This photo captures pure joy as the little tots show us their personalities while potty-training. Seems like such old soul charisma is captured in their toddler bodies.  Buy photo here:  http://www.100cameras.org/sudan-africa/purchase-100cameras-staff-prints/5708757
I would title this #pottytrainingswag

 This photo was taken by Joey. He is 14 years old. Joey lives on the Lower East Side with his father and ten siblings. In friendship, he highly values respect, trust, and honesty. Joey enjoys playing basketball and his favorite classes are Spanish, Science, and Gym. One day, he wants to be either a video game designer or a professional weight lifter. Joey likes photography because two people could take a picture of the same thing, but it could have two different meanings. During the 100cameras project, Joey enjoyed taking pictures of sneakers and street artwork. This is what he sees; this is his story.  View photo online: http://www.100cameras.org/lower-east-side/purchase-joeys-prints/5709103

This photo was taken by Kiden. She is 16 years old.  When Kiden was fourteen, her father threw her out of his house because she was pregnant. She came to St. Bartholomew’s orphanage where she gave birth to her baby girl, Viola. At just two years old, Viola died due to hydrocephalus. Kiden is remarkably resilient and more mature than most of her peers. She takes care of the younger children in the orphanage as if they are her own. Kiden is a hard worker and helps serve in the kitchen. Kiden's favorite activity is singing.  View photo online: http://www.100cameras.org/picture/kiden10.jpg?pictureId=5708039&asGalleryImage=true

This photo was taken by Buba. She is 14 years old.   Buba came to St. Bartholomew’s Orphanage with her brother and sister. Her father died during the civil war in Sudan, and her mother abandoned them so that she could remarry another man. Buba and her siblings lived with their grandmother until she admitted them to the orphanage because she was no longer able to provide for them. Buba loves to sing and play games. She also loves to help cook and clean.
Buba dreams of being a teacher one day.  View photo online: www.100cameras.org/sudan-africa/purchase-bubas-prints/5406327

This photo was taken by 100cameras staff in New York City during the project.  View photo online: http://www.100cameras.org/lower-east-side/purchase-100cameras-staff-prints/5709149

Here's how you can help:

1) Buy one of the children's prints here: http://www.100cameras.org

2) Spread the word & Get Social!

    twitter: @100cameras 
    facebook: www.facebook.com/100cameras.org

3) Go to the website and see what other ways you can help: http://www.100cameras.org/take-action/

Organization: 100 Cameras
Photography: 100CAMERAS

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