Empty NYC During the Pandemic - Coronavirus - Covid 19 - A Photo Story

It has been quite some time since I have made a blog post. I got caught up with work and life (we all know this feeling) and just posting on instagram. And then the pandemic came along, and slowed down everything, to an unexpected halt. So here I find myself in a space to share on my blog again. I thought it was absolutely necessary to photograph New York City during this time. This has been my home for almost half my life, and it pains me to see my city and its people suffering. These are uncertain, weird times. I hope we can all find our way to a better place, while we move through this period. I know I am still trying to figure it all out. Anyone else feeling a little lost? Having allllll the emotions?

I was lucky to have a place to escape to during the quarantine. But many New Yorkers were not so lucky, confined to small apartments, with little or no outdoor space. I visited my apartment occasionally, it was very odd and sad, to see everything quiet, except for the sounds of sirens almost constantly and of course the 7pm cheers for Thank You Hour (yes!). Huge shout out to all the essential workers out there!

Below are some shots of New York City, nearly completely empty. NYC will return to its bustling glory, we are a resilient, surviving breed. I will be focusing on selling fine art prints through my Esty Shop during this time (all my work has been cancelled, like many of you). So if you're in the market for some prints, check it out, and consider supporting local artists and businesses if you have the means. And if you're a photographer, how has this time been for you? I have realized that still finding things to shoot has been helping me feel productive and is a creative release. Thank you for stopping by to read a bit and check out my photos. I appreciate you. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy.

- Kimberly 

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Kimberly Mufferi is a professional photographer based in New York City, New Jersey, and the Hudson Valley/Upstate NY working throughout the United States and internationally
Specializing in weddingseventsportraitscommercialeditoriallifestyletravel, brands, and fine art photography. 

or to contact me please email: Kimberly@KimberlyMufferi.com


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