My Work in a Show!! | RAW - Natural Born Artists - Brooklyn Group Show | October 20, 2013

Hello fantastic people who read my blog... My work is going to be in a group art showRAW Brooklyn!  This is the first time I have done something like this, so I am super excited and bit anxious.  But... I am doing it, and I would love to see you there.  If you are in the NYC area on October 20th, come through.

Here are the details:

October 20th, 2013
Output - 74 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY
$15 per ticket which you can purchase directly through my RAW Artist page so I receive credit:
You must purchase your ticket by October 16th.

There will be art, fashion, music, film, performing art, photography, makeup artists, and there is bar so... something for everyone right?  And I will be there smiling and giving out hugs, and some prints :)  Basically, its a big show for indie artists to show off their work, and hopefully sell some, all while during a pretty awesome event.

I will be showing a mix of my photography, mostly my travel work.  Here is a little something about it:

 In my work, I find moments and scenes, that are fantastic and dreamlike, yet they are actually happening, in that moment in that place. It's my own vision of SurReality. As I go through life I find myself so taken by my surroundings, that all I can do is hope to communicate what I am feeling and seeing in that instance, through a photo.
Buy your tickets from page here:

Up at the top... click the yellow text above.
Also, if you click on over to my page today, please also vote for me for RAW Photographer of the Year.   Today is the last day of voting, but every bit counts.
Vote Today!

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Finally, if you cannot make it to the show, but are interested in checking out my work, head on over to my Etsy Shop, and you can purchase prints and art there. I am still working on adding more, but some is up so far and ready for purchase!

Thank you for your continued support and interest in my work (and your likes, reposts, shares, tweets, hugs, and smiles).  I always dreamed of this, and its finally happening... and you all are the reason why.  THANK YOU!  Like seriously, thank you so much!  xoxo

Etsy Shop:

Thanks for checking in with Kimberly Mufferi Photography and visiting my blog.  I look forward to hearing your comments, please share them below.

For more of my photography work please visit my
or to contact me please email:

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