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Happy Tuesday awesome people who read my blog!  I wanted to share my amazing experience from this past Sunday at the Raw Artists Brooklyn Show - ENCOMPASS, and I wanted to say THANK YOU!

I have had the most amazing few months, being flown out to Vegas to shoot the Chippendales (a post on that coming), a most epic wedding season (Martha's Vineyard among the amazingness, lots of posts from this season coming soon as well), staying busy in NYC shooting epic events and DJs (yep more posts from these too), and then getting called to show my art at RAW BROOKLYN!!!...  I am so grateful to have had the experiences, clients, and friends, who see my vision and support me, always.  It literally makes me smile and feel warm and fuzzy inside....  I mean, how lucky am I to have amazing people in my life, and these opportunities?  I am grateful, and I thank you.

For pretty much my entire life (since I was old enough to hold things without dropping them, though my clumsiness is still questionable) I have had a camera in my hand.  I have also always dreamed of travelling and taking photos of people and places, and things around me... sharing my vision of how I see the world, and sharing these moments.

I was a bit nervous going into this, this was the first time I would have my work, printed and on display for people to come look at, and judge.  I have always wanted to do this, but actually doing it... that's another thing.  I was contacted by RAW this past summer to show my work, and I pulled together what I had, printed my photos on large canvases, and said, 'Let's do this!'  And my goodness was it the best experience ever!

RAW Artists Organization creates a welcoming experience for up and coming artists to get their work out there.  RAW shows bring together artists from all genres; photography, visual, performing, fashion, music, DJs, and make-up artists, into one epic event.  If you were not able to make it this past Sunday to ENCOMPASS at Output in Williamsburg, then come out on November 24 to the next show, for the SEMI-FINALISTS!  Not only did you all vote to get me into the top 5, the judges selected me as one of 3 semi-finalists for the RAW Brooklyn photographer category!!  YES!! :)  So if you are in the area on November 24 I would love to see you at the show, and I promise the event will be fun and stimulating, and the winners will be announced!  And for those that made it to my last show, I would love to see you again... good times, obviously!  Finally, if you are not in the NYC area or if you are an artist yourself, check out and see all the places these events are going on, they are all over the country and the world, get involved!

This past Sunday, I was able to share my passion, my work, my vision, my life.... and it felt so good, like AWESOME! ... Like... I am still so blown away by my experience and I cannot wait to continue to do it.  I had so many of my amazing friends and fellow artists come out to join me at the show!  I also had so much help setting up, and handling the influx of traffic as people came to look at MY work!  I was floored, people were stopping by my area, and staring, and buying my work!

Check out the photos and slide shows below, of one of my favorite days of my life so far...  and THANK YOU THANK YOU  THANK YOU!

"The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude."

- Friedrich Nietzsche 

Just starting the show!  Rocking my favorite Adidas and my new favorite dress by KESH (also an artist).

From earlier in the day, setting up and hanging!  Big thanks to Veronica and Kaitlyn for all your help, and my AWESOME artists neighbors, Justin Hall and Josh Paige , and for letting me take up too much space Christopher Fellows!  I was surrounded by so many rocking artists!

Columbus Circle I, II, III - Available

Bunny & Goliath, Brooklyn Icebox -

Some of my awesome friends and family!

More of my awesome friends! Including the owners of Vianova... a Brooklyn based antique, vintage and independent designer shop!  Check them out here:
My sister and #1 supporter (and co-owner of Reve Events, Yes, I do hang out with creatives and entrepreneurs, keeps me inspired!)


Somebody playing with my phone and my Orbit by IZZI Gadgets... people think its amazing!

My super talented neighbor Josh Paige ! That sweater!  YES!

Some amazing designers!   These ladies were breathtaking!

Alison and Veronica! :)

The roof at OUTPUT is awesome, skyline and the moon.

More friends!

Fish face with the Fish-eye!

Friends and artists!  Check out this fantastic music maker - Kwame Binea

Sisters! <3

My new friend who took most of these photos, thank you Brandon aka Smoov Geovonni - Videographer, music man, and aspiring photographer...

who also purchased my art! :) 

Big smile... HUGE!

Met so many cool artistic people... here reppin' RESPECT " NYC clothing.  And of course, just respect NYC... Duh!

One of my favorites pieces, sold a 3 x 4 foot print!  Amsterdam Bikes on sale now at my Etsy Shop:  You can also contact me for a customized size. 

Amsterdam Cross

Brooklyn Icebox

Firenze Luci
I have made it into the SEMI-FINALISTS and the winner will be announced at the next show November 24th at OUTPUT 6-10PM!
Photographer of the Year Nominees!

A video slideshow by my wonderful friend Maria!  Thank you!

Another video slideshow I put together with some photos from Brandon and my phone.  Thanks again!  
Love Flip-a-Gram! Music from one of my favorite DJ's mixes SCHULLER - Download Muffynz Part 2  here:

I hope I see you all November 24th at Output or before then!  (tickets are cheaper when you purchase them now, and will go up in price as the date nears), buy here:  

I am super excited to be nominated, and really hope I win... keep your fingers crossed and positive vibes flowing!  But regardless I am beyond honored to have been part of RAW Brooklyn, and too have all of your support and votes!  I am so grateful, and happy... THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Did you go to the show?  What did you think?  Are you an artist?  What does art do for you?  I would love to hear your comments below!  -xoxo

Photos: Kimberly Mufferi (art) & Smoov Geovonni (event photos) 

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