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This is how I spent Valentine's Day… Photographing a charming NYC wedding and celebrating love.  This weekday wedding was also a destination wedding for this lovely Finnish couple.  I often photograph small weddings for couples from all over the world (Finland, Amsterdam, London, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Japan… just to name a few!) who come to New York City for their destination wedding.   Not only is it fun and intimate, it's a great experience for the couple to see NYC and have wonderful photos from their trip/honeymoon and wedding!  I feel like a tour guide, sharing NYC stories and recommending my favorite spots.   We usually pick a few iconic photo locations special to the couple, and also some less known areas.  Weekday weddings are great for couples on a budget or those who want an intimate wedding.

Where would you want to have your photos taken in NYC?  

Congratulations M + H!!!  Thank you for enduring the cold and having fun!  Check out their snowy NYC wedding photos below:

Photos by Kimberly Mufferi -

Pastor/Ceremony: Tiina Talvitie -
Church: New York Finnish Lutheran Congregation -

Photography: Kimberly Mufferi Photography
Photo Locations: Manhattan, West Village, Brooklyn Bridge, Washington Square Park
Pastor/Ceremony: Tiina Talvitie
Church: New York Finnish Lutheran Congregation -

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