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I love sharing what I do...  and I have been getting so many inquiries for teaching private photography lessons, that I figured it was time to share more info about it.  I am also offering many new options for lessons, check out the info below, and book your photography lesson with me today.  Also… Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and photography lessons make great gifts for your loves!

It's 2014, what will you learn this year?  
Post your questions and comments below!  I want to know :)

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” 

― Leonardo da Vinci

Come learn photography with me :)
Film Photograph of Kimberly Mufferi by Jeffrey Gleason -

Attending a photography class with other students is a great way to learn photography techniques, but each student is unique, will absorb material differently, and has a different camera.  Because everyone has their own way of learning, some specific needs and challenges may never be addressed in a workshop or group class setting.  In this situation, it helps to get personal photography instruction to get you one-on-one time and to take you to the next level.  Whether it be landscape photography, family photography, travel photography, street photographywedding photography, editing, basic photography elements, camera settings, photographing your children, etc. I can help bring you to the next level of photographic expertise.

Based on your specific needs, I will design a private lesson right for you.  It may require an hour of instruction in your home or a two-hour field session outside.  Your lesson could also be an hour of you asking me all your questions as you go through your shooting process, a photo-critique of your work, or sitting at your computer for post-processing.  I know everyone has a different way of learning or a different interest in what they would like to learn.  This is why lessons are quoted on an individual basis.  Below, I have listed my general starting prices for  instruction, though prices may vary based on your needs.

Another option, is to take a semi-private lesson with a friend or partner. If you have someone who shares your level of photographic expertise and has similar needs, then I can design a lesson for the both of you.  Special deals can be made for those interested in more than one lesson, or group lessons with others.  Please contact me with your specific requests and I will do my best to accommodate you.

I do teach group classes and workshops.  Please subscribe to my blog to be notified when upcoming group classes and workshops will be offered.  If you have an idea for a class, and would like me to instruct it, please contact me with the details.

Or get a group of friends together and book your own group class and make it into a photo party!  You can even bring your children and we can do a lesson for parents on photographing children.

Brooklyn Bridge Photographed by Kimberly Mufferi
This can be a location for field work photography with me!

Traveling to NYC?  Book private field work with me, and I will take you around to some of my favorite iconic NYC locations to photograph, that only a seasoned New Yorker would know about.  At the same time you get to see all around and shoot!  Sounds like a perfect day to me.

My approximate rates for private lessons can be found here:!i=3062391566&k=MwSV4m3

Lessons make great gifts for photography lovers!  Please contact me with your gift needs and I will send you a personalized 'gift card' that can be printed and gifted (even within the same day for you last minute shoppers).

All of my beginners lessons come with a slide show of digital class notes.  If you are interested in having more than one personal lesson, please contact me with your specific requests and I will offer you a discount based on the amount of lessons you desire.

* All prices are subject to change.  All lessons include Kimberly Mufferi’s time, talent, digital guide, and expertise.  Travel costs will be added for travel over 20 miles.  Travel and parking will be added to the final quote.  Holiday/Holiday weekends will be an additional cost.  Special deals can be made for those interested in more than one lesson.  Please feel free to contact me with your specific requests and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Do you know someone who’s getting married? Refer them to me and if they book wedding photography, you will receive a 30-minute photo session! 

Do you know someone who wants a portrait session?  Refer them to me and I will give you $25 photo credit!

Thanks for checking in with Kimberly Mufferi Photography and visiting my blog.  I look forward to hearing your comments, please share them below.

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